The beginning of ones career

Been wanting to start writing a blog for various reasons, and finally managed to get myself to do it. I don’t know whether this blog will work out the way I hope it to, but I hope through the use of this blog I am able to extend my thoughts and ideas through internet usage. I’ve written a few blogs in the past but I’ve always kept them to be quite personal. I never really wrote one that I could express various things I see and learn in today’s society. Things in which I would like everyone to benefit out of from reading.

Today’s topic is mainly to highlight my presentation at university.

We based a presentation on the idea of Road safety, we managed to do a thorough analysis of it and managed to get through the message of how important it is to look after yourself when crossing but also look after the youths too. It is quite an issue in today’s society as more and more of us are gaining access to the roads, and roads themselves are becoming more and more dangerous. I myself am actually doing my driving lessons and I cannot deny it is not easy. The fear and the tension you go through when driving reaches a different degree of concern and agitation. Some may enjoy the feeling of it, but for others whether it is crossing the road or driving a car, it is not as simple. Through this presentation we found out some interesting facts and data that definitely is worth looking into when highlighting such points of safety. London is one place where roads are very complicated, so it is ideal to look after yourselves.

We do hope to obtain a first from this as it would really help in contributing to the final gradings. Lets see what happens then.


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