Having doubts

Isn’t it funny how we always seem to be doubtful about the things that happen.

It seems as though we go through various stages before reaching the stage of doubt. From my understanding it looks as though we go through it in the following order.

Stage 1: At the unknowing – here is the part in which we have no idea what we want, what we desire or what our outlooks in life are. It just seems as the saying of ‘go with the flow’ is the key thought and worries are not a concern. Its the stage where we feel most free and most careless about life. For me this stage didn’t last long in my years of life. Soon the next stage caught up with me.

Stage 2: Understanding yourself – it nay be said that no one understands you better than you. But sometimes even one may not know what one thinks. It is often the case in current society where many of UA do not know what to do till a very old age. I ask many people I know, “so what so you want to do when you graduate?” A lot reply my with “I don’t know, I don’t want to work”. I’ve noticed nowadays a lot of people are not being realistic and tend to live in a fantasy world. This then takes us into the next stage.

Stage 3: Becoming reality – to see the reality is not easy. As they say ‘the truth hurts’ and so does reality. The sooner you accept it the easier it is to get used to this world and become part of it.

Stage 4: Realising what’s you – In initial realisation stages we make assumptions that what we do is what we think we should do. This stage is the excitement of knowing what it is you desire. It can be rational but it can also be logical, its a stage that we hope to strive and hope to gain attainment, acknowledgement and success.

Stage 5: Reviewing yourself – Once that step has been achieved and completed we go through the stage of review. Looking into the importance of it and looking into the contents of what we initially believed in.

Stage 6: Acceptability – Once an opportunity arises and finally after years of waiting we then doubt ourselves. Doubt our capability, our ability to succeed and ability to attain what we are best at.

Its as if these stages are feedback loops. Loops in which we constantly look back and fourth into. Accepting an opportunity is easy but accepting it and enjoying it is another degree. We cannot be blinded into thinking opportunities bring success. It in fact is interest which does the right for people. At the moment in time I will have to awe whether what I am dwelling over is what it is and is suited for me.

Decisions decisions decisions. Never an easy thing thing to do.


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