The importance of priorities

Time management is a crucial for us to keep by, to be able to time manage as well as realise the importance of what to prioritise is also an area we should learn from.

We hope to put the things that are ideally important first, but what is really important? At the moment I don’t know, i feel as if everything is important. I’m able to give myself the excuse for everything i do, and say that that is very important. I say that this helps me now because I am able to do this, then that is useful in that it can help me with the future, and those are important as I only have the time to do it now.

We only have such limited time in a day, yet i see myself trying to do so much at once, can i really cope with all the things that is required to be done?
Can we all cope with this society as a whole and fulfill everything that is expected of us?


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