There are times when you sit on the tube and just think.
Sitting there staring into the windows and seeing the black tunnel go by you. Occasionally seeing the red and blue cables running past quickly.
Those times are the times you just think, feeling relaxed and feeling as if time flies past too quickly.
Looking into those memories and reminiscing those times. Is it nostalgia? Or is it regret? A lot of the times for me its relieve and happiness.
We all look back but looking back isn’t always a bad thing. We look to learn, we look to reflect and acknowledge. Your past is your past and we should not regret the things we’ve done, but instead enjoy the moment you have in front of you, enjoy what the next stop has ready for you upon your arrival.
Passing the last station is the past, missing your stop is meant to be. Try getting off the next stop and there may be pleasant surprises that will await.

Look beyond the dark and you should see light, light that will eventually shine through; everything in the dark will no longer appear as dull, but instead you’ll soon see it to be grey and hasty. In hope that’s when everything looks to be at an ease.

Look back but do not regret, instead reflect.


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