Offence by others

The things people do may create an offence to you, but in their mind it has no harm to you whatsoever. At least that is what we hope it to be. You sometimes wonder why people would do such things to hurt you. Especially them being the ones you dearly love and care for, though it is often the case they are the ones who hurt you the most without even trying. You try giving yourself all the excuses for them to hurt you but at the same time, deep inside you know that whatever reason it may be, it is unforgivable. The amount of times you try to forgive them, you just cant get through your own stage, you can manage to forgive but its the getting through the forget.

I cannot say that this is an easy action, as I still learn to do this. I tell myself there are reasons for the acts one decides upon, they do not know and do not intentionally hurt you. But when you think, you just think how can that be? How can you do something like that to hurt someone?

If it creates harm to you and no harm to them, why should you suffer? You shouldn’t suffer from another persons mistakes or offences. You shouldn’t suffer from ones actions that could be intentional but yet can be unintentional. Whatever it may be, you shouldn’t be the one to suffer. Do not take offence of what others do or say. As you shouldn’t be the one in despair, you shouldn’t be the one to dwell on it.


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