Summer Holidays!!

Plans for summer is already approaching, and i cannot wait!! It’s most likely i’ll be going to Japan and Hong Kong for the summer before my graduation, so it should be fun. I will finally be able to fulfill one of my dreams, and that is to visit Japan! Japan has always been somewhere i’d wanted to go from a very young age. It did though seem like a very long reached dream, but i think within 2 weeks i should be a step closer to this dream.

Also today at work i also got given the opportunity to draw, and yet bringing me another step closer to drawing and fashion designing too! Though i’m currently doing PR, I am still open minded about wanting to pursue in fashion design. Lets hope with me carrying on drawing my drawing will somewhat improve over these few months.

If plans go accordingly, everything seems to be looking on the bright side. It definitely helps after the beginning of this month being extremely stressful, hence why i blogged less. I think my next post should be on stuff i bought for the Christmas sale. I’ll look to do that, so keep an eye out for my Christmas purchases!


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