Christmas gifts and purchases

Over the Christmas break, of course we all love to receive Christmas gifts as much as we love to give them, but yet at the same time the nature of being a girl seems to not exclude the act of shopping and consuming during sale season. Here are some of the stuff I bought or got given over the Christmas season. I did buy another skirt and two more bags but I took them back to the shop. So here’s the last of them and to be honest I’m quite pleased with these items.


The NYX butt ‘Naked’ palette was on sale at House of Fraser for a massively discounted price. So I just couldn’t resist and got my hands on it.


Cashmere by Tania is also currently on Sale too with its Ursula dress and also Bo long Jumpers. They are extremely comfortable and incredible soft too.


Abercrombie & Fitch Hoodie from the boyfriend for Christmas is all so warm and cosy. With the fur trim hood and strings hanging, it is a casual piece that can really spice up your outfit and also add that slight tomboy look to your outfit.


Boxing day online sale purchase from Oasis. Only received this in the post yesterday and am mega pleased with it. Faux Fur collar along with the Khaki faux leather biker jacket. Great for these winter days and a great piece to layer on top of them jumpers and skirts


Fur seems to be a real winner for me this Christmas as when I was in Debenhams, this caught my eye in the scarf section, I saw this as a chance to layer on top of my leather jackets or trench coat for that classy and chic look for these winter days.


Bershka can never disappoint me with these casual denim shirts. Simple and easy to wear, either on top of t-shirts or under woolly jumpers. Its all about the layering for that effective trend.


Finally got myself a patterned mesh maxi skirt with a short under layer  I’ve been very into these recently after my first one which is black and sheer. But I’m still on a hunt for a pair of black short wedges or boots to match these skirts. Not easy to find THE one nowadays is it?


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