Among the hundreds

Among the hundreds of people you meet, only a small portion can be categorised as friends. The fate and destiny you have between these specific people are so miraculous. The conversations you share cannot be the same as the ones you have with a stranger. The way events and topics just appear from your mouth without tremendous amounts of thought no awkwardness, no restriction, no problems. In life we meet hundreds and thousands of people; but how many of them we can consider as friends are limited. How many we consider as acquaintances are countless.

Friends are not calculated by the amount. Having hundreds of thousands on Facebook does not mean they are all of who you can trust. Many may just be the case of someone you meet once and will not have the opportunity to meet again. Friendship is not determined by quantities but instead is the quality between you. The link, trust, respect, honesty and acceptance.

Friends can be said are not forever but for true friendship to exist. It will go through obstacles it will go through disputes and it will go through disagreements. But as time shows, true friendship will lye beside you no matter what is to happen.

Cherish the people around you. For you to have the opportunity to meet those specific people and share strong bonds with them is not a chance everyone can have. Each and individual friendship is not like another. So cherish the ones you have and don’t let then go so easily.

As I see having a few of the ones you trust and categorise as true, real, honest friends is better than having hundreds of them acquaintances who of which you barely know anything about apart for their names.

Rethink what is important, friendship is not hard to wish for but true friendship may not be found by everyone. Wish you to be one of the lucky ones and to have found your true soul mates.


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