Feeling positive

Another day of feeling positive. Yesterday I went for my practical driving test. In all honesty I just thought give it a try and if I fail at least I can say I’ve tried and that’s it. But turns out I passed! Feeling a lot grown up weirdly that now I’ve got a driving licence (well have to wait 2 weeks for that pink card). So was so ecstatic yesterday when I passed. The money spent at least was all worth it in the end. Probably the most expensive thing I’ve bought now!

To an extent that positivism gradually built onto today, life feels quite positive and quite calming. Though really I know that is just one thing ticked off my list there’s still millions to do. Need to get my act together and get things going and stop slacking.

Time catches up with us very fast, especially this month being February, it’ll go past even quicker.


This photos from the other morning that I uploaded onto instagram. Was a morning that felt fresh and breezy just like today.


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