At times we wonder whether the actuality of our desires are truly what it is meant to be. We question whether the route in life we’re currently taking on is the route in which we remain loyal to. Whether the steps we’re taking is the direction we intend to subconsciously go. We can easily be lead on by our misconceptions and quickly jump to conclusions that are thought to be true. Is what you doing what you truly like? Will you feel burnt out after a short while ? Feel bored and feel as doubt is catching up with you?

Times like this requires reinstatement of life. Outline what it is that could be causing these misconceptions and attempt to correct it before you step any deeper.

Am I truly enjoying what I assume I am enjoying? Or am I just trying to jump to conclusions and find a direction before its too late?

But yet it is arguable to who can define too late. It shouldn’t be too late if things are changed on time.


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