Reblogging from my Valentines post at work.

February is known to be the month in which everyone is feeling the love. Love is generally expressed through one person to another, or even to groups of people; however it is preferred to be shown. But this month is known to be the month where we express this more and go that little extra mile to demonstrate to our loved ones how much it is that we love them.

So, what do we have to suggest in terms of what to do for this Valentines (which is tomorrow for those who don’t know – aka a someone specific in the office).

Step one: Flowers- No girl hates flowers, we all love to receive it and deep down we like it; it doesn’t hurt to actually go and get or pick some flowers for your loved one. It also does help for those who are planning to dine in to have flowers at home too. Flowers can often bring the mood up and create an atmosphere for two to feel romantic and relaxed. So to a degree it doesn’t necessarily have to be the guy who buys the flowers.

Step two: Chocolate- It seems as though this is a tradition that alongside flowers, we have chocolate. Even better is if you manage to grab your hands on the luxurious types of chocolate like: Hotel Chocolat, Godiva, Thornton’s and so on. Don’t under-estimate the impact it can make from having a box of exclusive chocolates compared to the supermarket ones. Just think about it, your mood will feel differently as well.

Step three: Champagne & Food- Make sure to have a nice meal, whether it is home cooked or dined out. Candle lit dinner is a must; it’s all about the atmosphere on Valentines. We can argue that everyday should be Valentines, but it is not everyday you would go ahead and have a candle lit dinner with roses, champagne and chocolate accompanied, now will you (unless your a true romantic)?

Step four: A gift- Valentines isn’t always about spending loads on a gift, buying a nice piece of cashmere or even making a gift is often more personal than buying jewellery or bags – as this is normally done on birthdays or Christmas. Just think what is personal to the both of you and make it a gift for the two of you, possibly an album, a photo frame, a hand crafted box, a hand knitted scarf, but whatever it may be, I’m sure your loved one is bound to like it no matter what it is.

Step five: A location- Find yourself the ideal location’s for where to go and what to do, but if you decide to dine in then a bit of renovation around the kitchen and dining room can help. If going out, make sure you reserve a place. On Valentine’s Day the worse thing is to not know where you’re going and have nothing planned and have to queue for a place in a restaurant, so book somewhere before it’s too late!

Step six: Your outfit- Make sure to wrap up warm as you are bound to stay out in the cold, so being smart and dressing warm is ideal. If you do decide to wear a dress then at least wear a cardigan so that when you’re indoors you have something to wrap up in (as air conditioning can be quite cooling) and when you’re outside you won’t have to feel too cold and forget to enjoy the moments you spend with your loved one.

Step seven: Make it your day- No matter what we all say about traditions and how a Valentines should be spent, just make sure to make it your day and make it a day that you won’t regret or forget. Making it your ideal day is far better off than trying to make it a day in which is seen to be ideal from others point of view.

Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be for a couple, it can be for friends, family or a treat to yourself. Just make it a day special for you and the ones around you.


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