London Fashion Weekend

London Fashion Weekend starts tomorrow, today I was at the Somerset House doing the set up for work, and it seems quite interesting for the different designers to be in different rooms and showcasing their past seasons in such spaces. I can imagine just over the weekend how packed those corridors will be and how chaotic it will be with people trying to get around. Nevertheless I am still very much looking forward to it as I will be attending on Sunday (the last day), mainly because thats the only day I can make it and also I managed to get my friends some invitations too. So mega happy that I can enjoy this with friends again.

I remember the first year of college I went to the London Fashion Week and that was enjoyable, but this time it should be good. As the way we view fashion is totally different in comparison to a few years ago. Don’t you sometimes look back and just think.. hang on, what was i wearing? What was i thinking? I doubt anyone has not thought that.

This is what it is, we go through these stages and realise which outfit best suits you and which outfit was actually just borrowed. Should be good though, really looking forward to it and seeing whether we’ll pick up any good bargains (though I’m a bit sceptical as we’re going on the last day).  Image


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