All time favourite products and recommendations

I don’t generally get through products that quick but thought I’ll jot down the few products I’m near finishing or had already finished. So I guess I could categorise them as my all time favourites.. even though its without intention of calling it so.

The product I’ve been using regularly is the Juju cosmetics aquamoist foam wash. I had been using this foam wash for the past 6 months or so and I’ve found it to be perfect, its great on the skin and it cleans very well. After using it i feel refreshed and energised. What’s important about this product too is that it smells great. I know a lot of products out there nowadays has a really strong smell; but assured this one does not do so. I do intend on getting another bottle soon but I thought I’ll wait till I go back to Hong Kong before purchasing it again.


The next product I’m near the end of its cycle is this Hair essence. Initially when I bought it I didn’t see it to be too great, I only used it occasionally when i wanted to add a little more shine to my hair. But recently I’ve taken on an advise from a friend to braid my hair when i sleep and before doing so i applied this stuff in. I wake up, undo the braid and curly hair all day i have! Even hair spray does not do this to my hair. So i would definitely re-purchase this as well. Its great, smells great and it does make your hair look amazing too.


Next is another hair product. I have been using this shampoo for the past few years and it really does seem to be the only shampoo that is controlling my scalp. I don’t know what it is, maybe my hair is long that a lot of the times scalp is not at its best. But when using this shampoo, my problems are solved. I’ve tried various different ones, and recently ive been using the Head and Shoulders citrus fresh shampoo. It works great, smells fresh, what more can I ask for?


Onto a beauty product. Since I’ve started using proper make-up I’ve stuck to this eyebrow pencil and have been in love with it since, its the Skinfood eyebrow pencil in Black bean, number 5. I’ve gone through quite a few of them, tried others and just did not like them. It is this one and this colour that i just find great. It is not harsh on the skin and its got the brush at the end which makes it mega convenient for them days when your rushing in the morning (in my case, every morning). I cannot see myself changing to any other one, this pencil is one of my ultimate favourite items of all. The only downfall of this is I can only get it when I’m in Hong Kong, i cannot purchase it online as Skinfood doesn’t seem to have this online, but ah well I can always stock up when i go back in summer.ImageFinally, the EOS lipbalm. When I first saw these little round things online I thought they were so cute and only wanted to try them for their cuteness, but once I actually got my hands on them I genuinely think they are great. They moisturise your lips very well and what’s also great about them is that they do not over do it in terms of adding shine, gloss or stickiness. They are just what you need for that moisturisation.


But on top of this lip balm I have also used up my all time favourite Lip Ice lip balm. This lip balm had cured my dry lip problems I had throughout childhood. I have tried nearly all the flavours and I have to say either the apple or lemon is my favourite flavour. What’s good about this is that it also has a scent of menthol so it not only moistures your lips but also adds in that hint of freshness to your lips, great product and will always keep purchasing (though I have already stocked up).


This was just a brief opinion on each and every of these products. There’s still a lot more to be said about them.



  1. Everyone has that EOS lip balm, and I keep meaning to try it out! I have always been a huge fan of the Burt’s Bees chapstick, but maybe one day I’ll pick up the EOS. Do you go to Hong Kong a lot? You said that you would have to wait to go back until you could pick up some more of those first two products.

    1. It’s a really good lip balm, at first I was a little reluctant to get it too (mainly because I thought it’d be over rated) but it’s great as it isn’t too glossy or anything, so applying anything over it is still fine. And no I don’t go too often, I like to travel to different countries as well to explore:), but yes I’ll be visiting again in summer so hence i’ll be re-purchasing those products, in the past I just got them online.

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