A whole new perception

Some events, some people, some songs. They used to bring you pain, they used to bring you despair and memories. But over time it just becomes hasty remembrance. Beyond the hasty clouds are shining lights that prove to be gleaming and positive. Looking into the past is not a bad thing, some would say its not healthy but overtime I’ve learnt that the past is what moulds you to who you are. No point regretting or trying to forget. Accepting it and seeing the bright side is how we learn.

Look again and you’ll see a different viewpoint. You’ll remember parts of your past that are worthy and enjoyable. For me its the holidays – Italy, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. All of which are experiences I will not forget. Undoubtedly some are highlighted more than others but I can say associations to each and every experience comes with a song.

Keep that smile on your face no matter what pops into mind. Look into it and see the bright side to everything. Live a happy one and enjoy the moments to come.

Look forward to the future and get ready for the obstacles to come. Greet it with a smile and welcome it with your heart.


Repost photo from instagram of London’s Waterloo


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