Guilt and unknown

Guilt plays a big part in our emotions, especially being the case when you know something and is not the desired answer to the one you care. Knowing that one outcome does not lead to the outcome a loved one desires not only makes you guilty but also makes one feel hopeless. This emotion of guilt plays on you and makes you feel horrible.

Knowing a friend is in love but yet the person who she loves does not love her and yet another person makes you feel guilty.

Knowing that you cannot do much to help is worse. Knowing that partially that its your fault makes the situation awkward. You sometimes hope for the best but yet you know exactly it won’t go the way one desires. Though in all honesty.. What is the desires of this particular situation?

What is the best way out of this sort of scenario. You hope it is not the case you  think it is but consciously your just in denial. These sorts of doubts and mischiefs will always linger but what more can you do to get rid of it?

What should we do when we encounter such problems? The feeling of guilt, horridness and hopelessness.

Treat it responsibly and don’t be selfish. Think and learn from past mistakes, follow your instincts. Do not make rational choices and do not do something if you already have doubts. If you feel as though it is right then at least there will be no regrets.

We will all do things wrong but what’s actually wrong is to not learn from the mistakes of the past.


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