An interesting discussion

Today’s discussion with my boyfriend was very interesting. We debated about the existence of life. What is the point of it? What is the point of life if sooner or later we’ll just disappear?

This conversation started from when I had that sudden ache of thinking ‘one day I won’t be in this world’, the meaning of life suddenly felt so pointless. Don’t get me wrong I don’t intend on doing anything, but honestly when you think into it. One day we will be gone.

This conversation of ours then reverted into the topic of robots, how robots will soon take over humans. As sooner or later down the line of humanity.. Robots will outsmart humans in many ways and probably the only way humans can catch up is to become cyborgs.

To me it just seems to absurd and then makes me think about the point of the point in living. If sooner or later we won’t be humans but instead become another specie, then what is the point? One day… We’ll just be gone. Not going into the discussion about recarnation and the after life but life and humanity does seem very cruel and repetitive?

Me and my boyfriend got quite heated in this discussion towards the entity of life. The point of it and the purpose. Of course by the end of it we are put through a test (yet I question who’s putting us up for this test and what is the purpose in it), a test that enables us to learn from our mistakes, we can somewhat be said that we’ve been created to make this world better (and then according to my boyfriend robots will take over), but whatever it may be we only live once in this life then why not benefit out of it the most and make it worthwhile. No matter what obstacles are put before you just face it and sooner or later the sun will eventually shine.


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