Unnoticed dedication

It did not come to my attention until yesterday I was on Facebook and came across a girl I used to know in college. When I fell onto her profile page in my mind I was thinking ‘oh yea I haven’t seen you in a while’. I honestly actually forgot about her; we weren’t close nor did we speak much but after looking at the messages left on her wall I got the message that she had passed away. I don’t know when this happened or what happened but I do feel terrible for not knowing and I feel guilty for some reason. I did not know her or anything but I see it as a shame because we meet many people in our lifetime so of course there’s bound to be people who’ll leave before you, but for this girl to suddenly disappear makes me realise again how pointless this is again.

Of course Im assuming anyone who’s left this world may hope to have another go so I will try to make the best of what I have and will try to obtain the best of this world.

Though I did not know you well but I do hope your well where ever you are. After realising the news yesterday the only thing I thought about was you and then this morning the first thing again I woke up to was your death. I feel like though I did not know you well but a dedication and respect must be made.

Take care and I bet you’ll find yourself a nice place to stay.


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