The mood is tensed

Tensing of the muscles, stressing of the nerves; dwelling on issues no one can solve.

It’s often easier said than done when one feels the anxiety and stress due to unforeseen circumstances but yet what are we to do in scenarios like these? We are to stress? Get angry? Get upset? Or put the blame on others?

Personally I try to set myself loose from the situation and not bind myself into it too much. As I do not agree on the act of stressing and not acting. I can understand one can stress if the things they do repetitively is not showing any sort of result; but I do not personally see the point in stressing if no action has been taken.

If decisions had been put this way, it becomes a stage where it is not within your power to resolve it through the same method anymore; so why not just divert your insight into a different direction and see things from a more positive aspect? See the brighter side to life really does make living a lot easier.

Dwelling is not solving, stressing is not a way out, but instead the action of doing is what will get you somewhere. It may not get you there straight away but at least you are able to look back… reflect, carry on and say no regrets.

Again, we only live once… so why waste time and stress over the pointless but instead make the pointless become point-less. P1180225


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