No need to be there to care, but showing is fair.

There’s this idea that to be able to show that someone cares about another person you need to be there for them – and that is true. Caring for someone not only entails you to show your love towards them but also provides them with that slight assurance. Don’t see having to show that little sign of love to be a hassle. If one expects you specifically to care for them, then see it from another view that you have managed to deem a place in their heart.

So many people we know but yet they just hope for your care and love only. You won’t lose anything from just giving them a call, or talking to them to make them feel better; but instead if nothing is done then you may just lose that place you’ve deemed – the trust. the time, the memories and experiences that have gotten you where you stand.

There are priorities in life and make sure to see which are the real priorities of the time and the priorities of that minute or second. Sparing a little time can get you a long way, but not doing so at all could mean the end of it.


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