Final countdown

Its approaching the final countdown to my last final weeks of university. Literally just today I went to submit my business dissertation and can I say its a relieve. Yes, it was tough and I am scared its not up to scratch, but you know what… Best submit it now than have it sitting around and making me dwell on it constantly, while procrastinating about my exam revision.

These three years have gone past quick. Very quick. Though I wouldn’t say the uni experience has been that amazing but I have met some people that I am incredibly happy to have met. Gone on a few holidays during this time and had the time of my life. Surely if I had not met these people, the uni experience wouldn’t have been that great.

I am thankful of this experience but if I had the choice to choose again I wouldn’t have done this course. Nevertheless we make mistakes and of course what best to do is learn from them and make use of what you have.

Of which that is why I will still carry on enriching myself with further studies and courses but still use the things I’ve learnt these three years.

Make use of what you have and not complain about what you don’t have or should’ve done.



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