Missha B Perfect Cover BB Cream

Over the past year or so I’ve been using the Missha B Perfect Cover BB cream and it is absolutely worth the hype.

I’ve tried changing to foundation, gel foundations, just powder or just concealer but I seem to always go back to this BB cream. Something about it is that it’s just so easy to use, it does not streak like some foundations do, you do not necessarily have to worry about blending it into your whole face (as sometimes I only apply it to the centre t-zone of my face and cheeks and I’m ready to go) as long as a powder is used over to balance everything.

It works great as a sun screen, corrector, covering and evening out skin tones. And more importantly its lasted me near a year!

Initially using this BB cream I only applied it with my fingers and it worked fine. Its finish is more dewy and it does give off a glow, like the majority of BB creams do.

Though recently I came across the real techniques brush. The one I’m using is the expert face brush and what this brush does is that it smooths the BB cream down making it less dewy and gives that less slapped on look.

But what I do find with this particular BB cream is that it can give off a slight grey tone to your skin. So I would usually top it off with the lush loose powder to give myself that more pink tint. Or just any powder – looking to try the Laura Mercier loose powder soon.

Or I would say to just mix it with a foundation so you get the best of both worlds. Coverage and also flawless skin.

Right now I’m going into my next bottle and here’s how it looks brand new and battered.



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