Deja vu

Feeling this once happening. Happening again. Again we stand at this point. Will I ever escape this reality.
Change is needed yes, but maybe it isn’t. I think whether it is because I was blinded by love that flaws were unnoticed. I was subconsciously deciding to cover it up and mend it as we walked.

Time can tell? I allowed these years to go on like this. Possibly its my fault that now I am hurting myself instead.

We do not expect much, we are basically all the same but I really can’t guarantee that I can feel the same if I am not receiving nothing.

Stability is good but balance is needed. To be stable there still requires a balance. If you do not weigh the pros and cons, sooner or later one side will take over and before you know it it will all be too late.

Time will not be wasted bit instead experiences will make you learn – eventually.


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