Step by step

It appears that the change in weather affects the way we feel. I recently spoke to some friends and we seem to share something quite similar. This time last year a total reflection of life came before us, questions such as ‘what now?’ ‘What are we going to do’. This time this year the same returned, but just this time the context changed. A reflection on life occurred and statements such as ‘times gone quick’ ‘is this life’ ‘everything seems so repetitive’.

Last year it was questions, this year are statements. We try searching for things we want to do, and try to pursue in the future we want to resume in. But is this the rest of it? Times like this makes me realise that I am ready to move, ready to progress into the next stage. But knowledging not everyone is… This really shouldn’t be something to hold one back.

Patience I guess is key, if we manage to get through the hard parts in life, the sun will definitely be shining on the other end of the rainbow.


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