By all means, graduation is never the end but it is the start. The start to something new and the start to unexplored experiences. Though we can say in our lifetime we would only really graduate from studies, but realistically we graduate on a daily basis. Graduating from a day of life and graduating from the experiences and things that one has encountered. Each and every one of us can tell a different story, where each and one of us learn a new lesson a day. Whether it to be big or small we are constantly graduating and gradually enriching ourselves to be a better person.

Though there are some that take longer than others. It may not be that they’re academically incapable but the time needed for one to learn, adapt and utilise the skills may vary amongst person to person.

Graduate from certain points in your studies and experience a new level. Otherwise staying within the same year or grade will just mean repititon and no actual acute development. Make mistakes, learn, get up and carry on. Graduate.


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