Unemployment in the UK currently is known as one of the largest crisises at the moment; and many news articles, reports or journals are suggesting that this is mainly amongst the younger generation of the twenty first century, post-economic crisis in 2008. I have a different idea about this.

To me, I do not feel like unemployment has been caused by the economy but instead I feel it is the history and mentality of people. Over the years we have been spoilt and looked after dearly by the government or council, but of course as soon as conservative took on power we noticed many changes. Changes that are not necessarily something that we’re used to nor are we happy with. I remember when I was in college we got given the incentive of £30 a week to go to college and be noted of our attendance. By the end of a term if we’ve been in and not late at an average of 95% (if I recall right) then we’d be given a bonus of £100. Then in university I was given a bursary for attending university. Of course these incentives were given to those categorised as ‘lower income families’ but at the same time don’t you think the government was spoiling us to be lazy? Nevertheless I do appreciate these incentives but I do not believe in money with no sweat – so I worked. Throughout the years I’ve been working and I can say I’ve not been unemployment once since the age of 16. So why is it that some of us can achieve such result and others are ‘unemployed’?

My thought on this is because we took advantage. As soon as all these perks and some what love is taken away from us we become lazy and we think that we can blame it on the economy. My other thought is that if unemployment is so high why are foreigners not having problem earning some good ol’ English pounds? We are not only lazy but we also look down on jobs. We forget that in order to earn big you must start from the bottom. How can a palace be stable without a good foundation? Without the bricks layed properly and stablely.

Furthermore, I have this interest in looking out for further opportunities so I’m often on job searching sites and on a daily basis I see jobs posted on different sites. So if we are claiming unemployment to be so drastic, then why is it that there’s still jobs being advertised everyday?

Why? We choose jobs, As mentioned we do not accommodate to the jobs that are considered ‘low’ and as well ‘low pay’. My opinion on this has always been if you have not got the skills to prove, you cannot choose. Once you have the ability to prove to others what your capable of, that’s when you choose them and not them choosing you. We work and work everyday so you should be able to prove what your capable of, but until that day we cannot expect to choose, and instead we should appreciate every chance that has been given. 

Analyse your route and think where you stand in society, before judging others judge yourself.


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