What are the odds…

Sometimes this world is so ‘fah hok’, meaning things in life are so funny, so unpredictable and yet so questionable. We often think what if? But when the what if hits us, what do we do? Do we escape, ignore or face it? The odds of certain things happening may not be possible, but when it does… we question, we ask, we suspect and we realise. 

In a matter of two days there can be main coincidences, but are these really coincidences or are they messages? I try to not think too much into things but when obstacles approach you so suddenly, you have no choice but to question whether someone or something is trying to tell you something. Whether a message is being conveiled, or really back to square one that maybe it is just coincidences. 

When the past reaches you in the present you think and you start to remember certain things, you think back on the choices you’ve made and you start feeling sympathetic and as well pathetic about yourself. You also reminisce as well as refresh yourself with your past. In my life I have to say, the older you get the more you forget about your past, but we must remind ourselves of the decisions and actions we took in the past, as who you were before is what made you who you are today. 

The past? Let it go, and let it stay there, if it catches up with you then treat it like an adult and have no hard feelings. Make sure to cherish only the ones who are in your present and who may be in your future. Look forward and only remember the past. Everything happens for a reason, my reason is to remind myself of the coincidences and what happened then is what has made me who I am. 


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