Perfume haul

Although I recently came back from my holiday I was a bit cheeky before I jetted off to Gran Canaria and bought some perfume. As known does a range of sales over the summer, and of course I did not lose out. I shopped online and bought three new perfumes. So indulge in my review of these new and smashing scents.


The first perfume I got my hands on was the Lancome La vie est belle. This perfume came as a box set and I personally love buying box sets. I find them so good for storage use and also you get the perfume alongside a lotion or shower gel. This box set had both so that was an added bonus. In regards to the scent the Lancome La vie est belle gives off a very feminine and mature scent. Personally I see it as a perfume you’d use to an elegant dinner or to a classic event.


The next perfume I bought was the Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose. I’ve always had an eye out for the Emporio Armani Diamonds series but once I saw the rose on sale too, I just couldn’t resist. I think the best way to describe this scent is that it’s got that tint of caramel but yet some sweetness and freshness to it. It’s more girly than the Diamonds, but yet it is not so sweet that you’d think is sickening. I would wear this perfume as a summer perfume as its fun, joyful and youthful as well as feminine.


Lastly, have you always loved the smell of a nice clean shower? The Moschino toujours glamour gives me just that feeling. It’s shouting dove dove dove soap! To me this is the go-to perfume, have it in your bag and freshen up during the day!


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