On the hunt

On the hunt we go again, we tried to avoid it for as long as possible, we tried to look at other alternatives and we tried to hope for the best.

On the hunt can be tackled in different ways. Whether you were to tackle straight away or whether you were to take it slow.

Tackle straight away, do your research, make the applications, wait for the responses and wait for the rejects. Occasionally hearing a phone call. Occasionally going in to meet the ones. Do not overjoy until the papers are in front of you. As anything can happen, but if the opportunity arise, grab it before its too late.

Take it slow and maintain, take it slow and do not stress. Eventually it will happen, it will happen at points you least expect it. Expand your search and don’t narrow your choices. There’s plenty out there, just depends on your effort.

A long journey, a stressful time and certainly a competitive one. Though a job will come your way. The right one will choose you.

As there is only one you.


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