As a child

Do you ever get those moments when you have sudden flashbacks of being a child again?

I just did, I suddenly had a flashback of mufty day. Which basically meant non school uniform day.

I remember little me was wearing this striped yellow and khaki zip up, underneath was a polka dot white top that had a frilly navy blue underlayer. I paired it with jeans and also trainers.
Just having that moment of analysing myself from top to bottom. Wow haven’t we changed?

We all have moments of craziness, immaturity and absurd thoughts. Thinking back at those times I thought I knew everything. I thought I looked good in that yellow and khaki zip up, I thought I was old enough and I thought my problems were most important. Not adding on top that probably was my first world problems.

I have to admit, no longer am I that child with the pony tails and fringe. No longer do I wear the clothes I used to wear, nor the shoes I owned.

Part of growing up is to learn from your mistakes, absorb in the lessons taught. Progress and adhere.


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