Judgemental experience

I remember one year, my relatives from Asia came to the UK. In Asia its relatively normal to wear hygiene masks. If your ill or if you would like to avoid catching viruses – you’d wear one. That year they arrived, it was the year when swine flu was spreading rapidly – I have to give them credit for their bravery in still coming.

The day they arrived they wore hygiene masks to avoid catching anything from anyone. As they stepped out of the airport, people around stared at them. Everyone started distancing themselves from them. It was as if my relatives were the ones with a disease.

This experience made me understand how we can easily judge people by their appearance. If we saw someone with a hygiene mask we’d assume they’re contagious, if someone was dressed badly we’d assume they’re not wealthy or vice versa. Judgement. Assumptions. Naivety.

Why judge a book simply by its cover?
The difference in cultures?
The difference in behaviours? Ideas? Thoughts?


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