Marketing change

Let’s talk a bit about marketing. How it’s changed from the good old word of mouth, newspaper advertising and billboards, to the current digital world. Everything has become online, marketing is not just about the message, but it is about the form of medium used, about the tone, the content and importantly the audience as well as the product or service offered.

I cannot speak for all marketers but being an aspirational one myself I can see the shift in marketing as time goes on. No longer is marketing one function, one utility or one concept. It now has many purposes to it – whether from a brand perspective, sales perspective or a degree of informing customers or clients of your company. Marketing is almost the core to a company – without marketing there is no product or service, there is no sales, branding, PR, or ROI.

By the end of it every company is monitoring closely their figures, budgets and revenue. Every board member, stakeholder and partner would like a share; the higher the revenue the more as a whole we benefit.

Revolutionary change has resulted to marketing focus much more on the digital aspects. From Social media, email marketing, SEO, CMS, PPC and Affiliate marketing – these are now somewhat new forms of marketing. A new way to engage with your audience, a new way to communicate effectively, and most importantly a new way to drive traffic, generate leads and eventually convert to sales.

Digital marketing


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