Fishworks food review

Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our four year anniversary at London’s Swallow Street, Fishworks restaurant. To be quite frank and honest I’ve not heard of this restaurant before, but I was not let down by their service and immaculate food.

Fishworks is quite a self explanatory restaurant, its known for its fresh fish and high quality seafood. What we ordered for the evening was as follows:

Handpicked Brixham crab with toast  and fresh lemon
Seared yellowfin tuna nicoise with local farm duck egg, kalamata mixed olives, roasted heritage tomatoes and fresh pesto
Roasted sea bass with rosemary, served on or  off the bone, with lemon and olive oil
Whole sea bream roasted with white wine,  tomatoes, olives and thyme potatoes
Fennel and anchovy gratin potatoes with a Parmesan crust

Starting the evening I had a serving of Brixham crab with toast, I’m generally not a rocket type of person; but I was incredibly surprised by the fact that I had finished the entire plate with not a single rocket leftover. The freshness of the crab, rocket, lemon and toast gives this dish not only a great texture, taste and smell but its also a great comfort food. It satisfies you well with the crunchiness of toast, but yet there’s still the flavours of fresh crab encompassing subtle scents of rocket. I absolutely loved this starter.

For my main I decided to not brave the bones and asked for my roasted sea bass to be served off the bone. This dish was great as it still maintained the freshness and juiciness of the fish even after grilling. It was tasty and just right. I liked that a serving of lemon was optional to the diner and accompanying that was some watercress. Admittingly, if you eat rather well this portion would probably not fill you up – so order yourself a side like what I did.

The fennel and anchovy gratin potatoes with a parmesan crust – a great side for someone who likes cheese. I get quite bloated when I eat too much cheese, as there was also onions within the gratin I felt the texture of it all was not quite for my taste buds. It smelt amazing though but because I was already having fish which was quite strong scented, having cheese on top of that made it a little too overpowering.

To me fish doesn’t require a lot of fancy cooking. As the more you add to fish the more it’ll loose its essence. It’s like eating sashimi – no need to add much, just a bit of soy sauce or wasabi and there you taste the flavours of fresh juicy fish melting in the centers of your tongue. Cooked sea bass or any other types of fish is similar. I’ve heard from people that they’ll cook their fish using tonnes of lemon, salt and tomatoes then puts it in the oven. To me that’s not a problem of course, as it’s personal preference but I would prefer the good old Chinese way of cooking fish – a little bit of garlic, ginger and salt on top of the fish, steam it for about 10 minutes and you’re done.

All in all this restaurant was lovely, the food and service was great and the atmosphere was relaxing. Sometimes going to extremely fancy restaurants is nice, but at times going to nice restaurants that you and your company can relax and chat without having to feel restrictive is actually when you can purely enjoy a nice meal.



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