Being nice to others

Over the years, I’ve come to realise its not necessarily as simple as be nice to someone and someone will be nice back to you. Eventually the time, care, advice’s and emotions put into people will one day become the past. People move on and disregard you, treating you as a general pedestrian. A walkaby. A glide through.

Putting your heart and soul into a relationship or friendship should be an element where you may not seek for a return.

You should not have to set out criterias for one to meet in order to give.

Change? Adapt? Acknowledge? Persue? Persists?
Words to describe human to human relationship, but who is to say what is the best methodology in solving the hypothesis. Who is to judge and what is the right way.

As we grow older, peers depart and forget.
A sense of grievance, betrayal and jealousy chemically reacts with our emotions.
Why is that?

A lesson is learnt everyday, whether we take it on board and utilise it for the future – that depends on the individual.

Learn from mistakes and do not repeat them.


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