Recent Empties review

Recently I’ve stopped buying any make-up or skin care as I felt that I had too much piling up. I decided to give what I had a second chance and try to use it up. After a few months of doing so – I’m surprised to have accumulated a fair amount of items to talk about and finished.

First things first, lip balm – Lip Ice Apple

lipice apple

I’ve used Lip Ice lip balms for over four years now. I’ve tried many other brands and types but I hadn’t come across anything else that works as well as this. It not only have a very smooth and silky finish, but as well the menthol to it gives you that extra kick making you feel the magic work instantly.

The next item is the 3Concept eyes full cover concealer

Originally when I bought this concealer I had bought it a shade or two too dark, so I didn’t get a chance to use it. Until this summer when I went away to Gran Canaria and came back tanned, I thought instead of splashing money on another foundation or bb cream, I might as well bring this little baby back out. Before you know it – I finished it! I must say the coverage with this little thing sure does the job – the consistency is not only great as a concealer but as well as a light foundation. As mentioned, because I came back tanned the use of face products wasn’t so necessary, but of course the here and there blemish did appear – which this came to the rescue!

Sadly, as the weather dims down, so does my tan. I no longer was about to use the 3 Concept concealer (it was finished as well) so I had to dig into my collection and find an alternative. Where I am now finishing off the Skinfood Peach Sake Pore cream

skinfood peach sake pore cream

Again, this was a product that I felt was too orange on my skin tone the first time I used it. Maybe after my holiday I came back a little more on the yellow tone this bb cream actually worked my skin justice.  Coverage isn’t the highest but it gives a good base and evens out my skin tone. I generally would apply a layer of powder over this for optimum coverage.

My favourite one has to be the Pore Putty face powder and Pore Putty clear powder

pore putty face powderpore putty powder

I totally swear by the Pore Putty face powders – they got me through all summer, with only the need of one top up throughout the day. Its great coverage and it lasts a fair 3-4 months (depending how much you use). Perfect and compact – so it was nice and easy to take around with me in my bag.

Onto the bronzer – Benefit Dallas 


Known to be an ‘outdoor glow for an indoor gal face powder’ this powder works very well for contouring and added definition to the face. Its not too harsh which some bronzer’s can be, but I think what’s great about this product is that its not meant to be used as a bronzer but more of a highlighter. It supposedly gives off a more glowing, healthier and vibrant look to your everyday make-up, allowing further levels and definitions to the face.



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