Generation revolution

It’s the fifth day into 2015 and we have seen the world we live in change dramatically over the years. I still remember when dial up internet would cause us much misery, rewinding our VHS tapes to watch a movie would take a few minutes, and flipping the cassette tape to listen to more songs hoping that it wouldn’t jump. These are things that no longer the current generation would experience. The only time they may come across something like this is probably in a museum!

Come to think about it 3G was revealed to us just over 10 years ago, all the above I mentioned happened within the last 15 years or so; but how the revolution of technology has changed current generations thoughts, habits and lives is somewhat frightening.

I was having a chat with my mum and some of her friends over Christmas and we came to the conversation about how our lives have changed quite a bit, but for me being a 90’s child, I thought I had seen the years change but compared to my parents generation – I have seen nothing. They speak about once upon a time having to get wood to get the stove fire up, having a bath in the mountains and going to the nearest well to get water. I try to think about how they feel when they look back on their childhood, the difference, nostalgia, strangers and wonders. The world we now live in must be quite hostile to them. They were introduced the camera and television already but not every family owned one – it wasn’t by all means that every family could afford one nor they had time for one.

Now, most households in the UK has one, maybe not even one.

Should I think that this change is bad? I sometimes do think so, not only have we relied on technology and the materialistic goods around us, but we have also somewhat become lazier in our day to day activities. Instead of going to a library to do research we now have the information within the reach of our computers. Instead of arriving on time at the place of the meeting point – we rely on mobiles to transmit information and appear later than the meeting time. Many many factors have supported us in getting through the day, but as well it has restricted us and made us into beings that are reliant.

Even though the life of bathing in the mountains, and getting wood for the stove was a hard life – it was a simple and happy life. This no longer is the case, living in the 21st century under a western regime, life can be called more stable but external factors that affect us and that make us alienated is increasing.

I believe within the coming years we’ll see even more change. Change to the extent that I believe one day we will have hovering cars that will drive in the air. When this happens – another era will transform from what is called the current Technological or Information era.


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