Recent empties review continued…

Happy New Year! This is my first post to 2015 and I must complete the tasks that I did not for 2014. Which is to continue my recent empties review. In my last post I mentioned quite a few products that I managed to finish and pride in throughout the year, but as the list got so long I thought to split it into two posts.

First things first – Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara 

lash sculpture

Before knowing about this mascara I was on Youtube watching some reviews and quite a few Youtubers that I follow mentioned about Lash Sculpture, this is another Japanese product, but what is unique about this mascara is the brush. It doesn’t adopt the general brush like wand but instead it is more like a comb. To me this is great as it manages to reach for the short hairs when brushing through the lashes, unlike a brush like wand it can be quite hard in reaching for the small lashes due to the size and thickness. With this there is not that problem.

With voluminous eyelashes on the go, eyeliner is a must. Personally I prefer the use of gel liners but the Dolly Wink Eyeliner is the only eyeliner pencil that got me going till the end.



If you read into Asian cosmetics I’m sure you would’ve come across Dolly Wink. They’re eyeliners are long lasting, creamy and very pigmented which makes the consistency of drawing a line – intense and dark. One of my favourite products for drawing my inner waterline. Don’t miss out this step! The importance in lining your inner waterline creates a big impact.

Though when we use large amounts of make-up on a day to day basis we must make sure the removal stage is done properly. Hence why I think Biore’s Eye and Lip make-up remover does the job.

bioreWhen I first gave this make-up remover a try I wasn’t quite sure about it, but when I used it a few more times and then compared it back to the face wipes I use – the difference is big! First you had a shake the bottle up to get the product working, pour out enough to cover a cotton pad. Leave it on your eyes for the product to work its magic and walaa your make up is off. In areas where eyeliner and mascara sticks a bit more – make sure to just give it a little more work. With this what I liked most was its smoothness and how its not harsh to the skin. I used the entire bottle and throughout I didn’t experience any problems. A must repurchase make-up remover!



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