Kentaro Kobayashi Mr Potsunen’s Peculiar Slice of Life

Japanese award winning comedian came to London for two days only and I was lucky to have been introduced to Mr Kobayashi’s work. I attended the performance not knowing what to expect and only getting an idea that the show may either be in all Japanese or it’ll be similar to the work of Charlie Chaplin. Luckily I understood all the Japanese words used in the show such as ‘good morning’, ‘hello’, ‘right’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ – basically the standard stuff. Other than that the show was choreographed in a way that the audience could interpret its meaning freely.

There’d be moments when Mr Kobayashi will be shown running on the screen, moments when his hand would symbolise his movements in the scenery, and moments when he’d use actions alongside screen affects to create an impact to the audience.

What I enjoyed about this was how unfamiliar I was to the whole show and leaving with a smile. It was somewhat relaxing, no major special effects, calm voicing and monotoned imergery throughout.

Personally I think with shows like this you’re able to get a different perspective on things every time. To me – the meaning I got is no matter the joys, laughter’s and obstacle one comes across. You will eventually get back to where you started, where you felt most at ease and least hostile. All from just that small glimpse of light.



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