Young Icebreakers lecture

Prior to taking on this project, I was a little sceptical about my job, my worth and my ability to conduct. Post-event it feels great. I guess that’s why I chose to pursue in this area in the first place – the satisfaction you get after a successful event, never mind the follow ups, the sweat, the painful walking and the stress. As soon as its over you know you’ve done a great job. However it makes me think whether it is the event organising side of things I enjoy or whether it is the project management. I am the type of person that seeks for challenges, that seeks for work and that doesn’t like to sit around. The feeling of managing something from top to bottom – from start to finish is probably what motivates me?

Planning a lecture for over 200 guests was part of the satisfaction but as well being on board and being able to provide feedback, input as well as recommendations is what is not limiting. Having other responsibilities alongside a single lecture was what was challenging – being able to multi-task and coordinate the different events throughout the day was what made me felt good.

I enjoy this – but is it something that I see myself pursuing in the long run? Is it something that I can get the full extent of satisfaction all the time? Or is it actually limiting what I can potentially achieve if I branch out?

I guess we can call this growing up, learning and making decisions for the routes we take.


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