Do Not Be Afraid To Let The World Know What You Have Been Through

When you are not afriad of telling others what you think and feel. No mask, no facade, no lies.

Thought Catalog

I am no longer afraid to surrender my mask. Human beings aren’t perfect, we have hardships, burdens, and baggage that we carry on our backs like concrete. We falter, we make mistakes, but the one thing we most often do is hide. We hide from the truth of our journey, we tell others that we are fine when we are hurting inside, we force ourselves to put on a charade in order to seem like we have it all together. In reality, no one truly does. We are all just trying to figure it out, and the beauty of that is mutuality. The beauty of speaking to a friend and telling them that you are sad, the beauty of confiding in your siblings when you feel like your back is up against a wall, is that you will almost always be met with an “I’ve been there. I’ve felt that.”…

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