Be cool

Sometimes trying to be cool about certain situations may seem easy, but deep inside you are actually questioning and screaming for answers.

You wonder and think about all sorts of scenarios, you imagine the most absurd possibilities, while at the same time you tell yourself that it’s just all an hallucination.

You try to be cool, you try to think that it’s just the moment, you try to think it’s just the once. However you question. You question what happened, you question why it happened and you question the thoughts that have passed by.

We all tell ourselves to not think too much as over thinking will not get you anywhere. Though how much irony and how cliché it is – it really is easier said than done.

Certain situations we can let go, and understand. But when a new obstacle approaches we begin again from the start point. As if we’re running continuous laps, as if we’re constantly battling and competing with our inner consciousness.

We keep going.


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