Developmental change

Over the years you realise that people come and go. People walk by like pedestrians, they depart like a plane setting off the runway.

Day by day things change.

However, change in my dictionary is the wrong terminology. The word ‘change’ is an excuse to not accepting the facts. The word change is too big of an acquisition.

On the contrary, I’d like to believe people develop. I’d like to believe that we are who we are, but it is a matter of environmental factors, inner beliefs, social surroundings that assist us in releasing the true side to people.

One does not change in a matter of days, but it is in a matter of time that they develop – which is why when we suddenly take appreciation or notice to someone you realise their differences and think they’ve changed. Though, if you look upon their actions, words and habits you’ll realise this has been a process, a phase, a development.

We all develop through experiences, whether for the good or for the worse – it is always considered a change by whoever decides to determine you as such.

A learning curve, a process, an underlying route we’re all bound to overcome throughout this journey. 


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