Many people say to me that if it was them they wouldn’t be able to forgive nor act the way I  act towards certain people in my life.

How I see it is – I don’t care what one had once said or done to me. What I care more about is the time we spent together.

The learning curves, the memories, the laughter’s, the experiences and the connection developed.

I will not think into what the future holds, but I believe in living for the moment. At this moment in time I know this is how I feel, at this moment in time this is how I will act.

People also say to me that I make time for too much people and I make too much effort to sustain the superficial short-term friendships.

How I see it is – if two or more parties had the opportunity to meet and develop some sort of bonding then that is something I will cherish, that to me is a form of fate. Whether it be short-term, mid-term, long-term, life-term – at this moment it is what matters.

I really do appreciate that I am able to still stay in contact with certain people, still talk and still message without any constraints.

To me – being able to commit such an act is a blessing. It is a blessing that although routes are no longer the same in everyone’s lives, there is still opportunities for paths to cross.

I am thankful and I fully appreciate it.


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