Brave face

Often or not as I get older I realise how people compliment my determination, my eagerness, certainty and drive towards success. They say I am a very strong, adamant and a forward-thinking person that knows exactly what I want in life.

However, as I get older I realise I am not that.
I am not how people perceive me to be,
I am not that certain with my choices,
I am not as strong as they think I am,
and I am not really sure of the route I am taking – where I am heading nor what I am doing…

There are times I think to myself, am I just putting on a brave face to get through this, or have I actually moulded myself to be someone who I think I should be?

Have I built this so called confidence wall of barrier – this facade, this brave face to meet the standards of others? To appear confident and appear the way you see me to be?

Though this isn’t really me ~

This isn’t a sign of weakness, but more an acceptance of who I actually am… more a realisation and a wake up call.

I am – a simple person.


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