La la land 

For those who know me well knows that I regularly like to use the words “la la land”. I use it a lot for when I’m describing someone or something being in a world of their own, in a bubble – possibly a land full of rainbows and unicorns, or possibly just a green hill with flowers and an open sky. I wouldn’t see using this as a bad expression but more an expression with a vaster visual and stance. An expression to showcase and demonstrate that moment where someone has wondered off to their own sanctuary, their own comfort zone and their own crib.

So, when I saw the movie “La la land” was going to be airing in cinemas I was instantly attracted to the name. The cinematography, the script, the music and the ambiance it left in the room, for me it was a movie that left a lot of meanings, a lot of learnings and a lot of teachings.

On the surface, it would appear to be another love musical but what I appreciated about this was the idea of “chasing dreams”. Dreams may not always come true, there ought to be sacrifice made, endings may not be the cliché ones we expect.

That is life.

Movies portray a way of living, an ideal world and a seamless track. However, reality is far from that. Sacrifices are made – you choose one or another. Failures happen – you pick yourself up and start again. Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were able to demonstrate this in the movie. Mistakes were made, dreams were suppressed and they both at one point accepted “this is life”. Though, who is to say that this is it if you have not tried, not tried to “chase dreams”, not tried to move forward.

“Anything can happen”

A movie I highly recommend, and a movie I give high commendments for.


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