An enthusiastic Londoner sharing travel and life experiences through the lens of discoveries and momental thoughts, a platform of which used for one to express opinions and views.

In this current age, work and finances mark the centre of our every day lives – the ability to be able toΒ step back and view situations from another perspective has proven to be harder as we grow older and become more aware.

The ability to acknowledge the importance in taking deep breathes will not only refresh the mind but also avoid one from being alienated in this so-called social bubble.

Travel Tracker (Leisure):
February ’18 Hong Kong+Singapore (HKG+SIN) = Live for the moment
December ’17/January ’18Β Thailand+Cambodia (BKK+REP) = Refreshed ~
August ’17 Budapest (BUD) = Shooting
April ’17 Amsterdam (AMS) = Memory lane
April ’17 Nara+Kyoto+Osaka (KIX) = Cherry Blossoms
December ’16 Lisbon (LIS) = Exploring
July ’16 Tenerife (TFS) = Chilled ~
March/April ’16 Hong Kong+Macau (HKG+MFM) = Family
September ’15 Copenhagen (CPH) = Interesting
June/July ’15 Hong Kong+Seoul (HKG+ICN) = Free ~
July ’14 Gran Canaria (LPA) = Relaxing!
June/July ’13 Hong Kong+Tokyo (HKG+HND) = New Experience’s
June/July ’12 Stockholm (ARN) = Adventurous
July ’11 Barcelona (BCN) = Eventful
January ’11 Venice+Florence+Rome (FCO) = Unforgettable
July ’10 Hong Kong+Taiwan (HKG+TPE) = The best

Travel Tracker (Work):
November ’17 Amsterdam (AMS) = FILS
September ’17 Barcelona (BCN) = ITF
August ’17 Paris (CDG) = Eurostar
May ’17 Frankfurt (FRA) = CMM
March ’17 Cannes (NCE) = MIPIM
February ’17 Glasgow (GLA) = Marshmallow
October ’16 Portland (PDX) = Training

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