Lost and goneΒ 

Some things are just meant to be, no matter how much sentimental value there is, some things are just supposed to go. It was just in a matter of time. 

A simple change, a new perception – no hinderance. 

A new beginning, a fresh outlook – a positive future. 

End of an Era


Recently I’ve been questioned by numerous people regarding the choices I’ve made. They are in doubt of me and also in doubt of my judgement towards the path I’ve taken.

Maybe to them the path I am walking on is abnormal and is out of the norm. Maybe to them it feels slightly lonely and hostile. However, I keep saying to people:

“I feel as though I am at a stage in my life where I have ‘choice’, maybe in a few years I will see things differently, but for now I am content and fine the way life is panning out”

One route may suit some people, but on the other hand it may not suit others. Taking things slow and taking it easy is not a bad choice. Ultimately, we don’t want to make mistakes. By the end of the day, we just don’t want to waste time nor make too much sacrifices.

We don’t live for long, but we meet a lot of people on the way. The ones that will stay will stay, the ones who ought to leave will leave – so taking each step carefully is not only a must, but it is also apart of the process and cycle.