Next chapter

Quite often or not we go through phases in life where in future we will look back and smile. Quite often in life we go through phases where we feel a lot – the nostalgia, the scents, the sounds, the images, the repeatition and the vibes.

However, when the light shines we realise those moments are already a shutter of the past.

You look back to think of the experiences and learning curves adapted through those short moments. You realise the amount you’ve gained – the amount you’ve grown and the amount you will cherish.

Over these chapters we come to unveil and learn more about yourself. Over these pages you realise what doesn’t kill you really makes you stronger. Over these sentences you only reflect on the conversations had. Over those words you learn to realise what was inevitable.

Knowing the inevitable is key, but who’s to say some chapters are unreal? Whos to say you can’t stop dreaming? Some chapters are moments of realisation – realisation of who you are, realisation of being you and realisation of what you really are.

So, keep dreaming, stay happy, do what you want… And don’t let others control your route – Your next chapter.