It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and properly written a blog post as the previous posts were very much short spontaneous ones.

2017 has been a very eventful year, it’s been a year of many changes, experiences, ups and yet downs. However, if you ask me to summarise 2017, I would summarise it in one word – appreciation.

This year has been a year where I felt like I’ve learnt a lot, and I’ve managed to also achieve some things that I am very appreciative of.
It’s a year which made me realise the extent to which I appreciate the people around me and as well the opportunities I have been given.
It’s a year I am appreciative of the old yet new friendships I have sustained, but also the people I have met along the way.
It’s a year I am appreciate due to the possessions I hold and the freedom to be able to live.
It’s a year I have been introduced to different types of ideologies, and acknowledging the different approaches people take.
I am appreciative to be welcomed to some peoples lives and as well be accepted as one of theirs, yet also be a mentor to some.
I have been chuffed by the comments, words and appreciation of others, but as well I have also learnt to give back to society in appreciation of what the future holds as a whole.

Reflecting on the year, I’ve been fortunate to have traveled for leisure and for work. There’s been some unfortunate events in 2017, but as a whole, I am appreciative and content for what I do have and I am very much looking forward to welcoming 2018, as something tells me 2018 will be a good year.

Now let’s just hope I don’t jinx that!



Yesterday I was honoured to have been invited back to my university to participate as a panellist having a conversation on careers and prospects. It was great to see the amount of students interested in knowing more about work but it also made me think how much has changed since I left university.

It’s interesting to think only a few years ago I was in their position. It was only a few years ago where I also felt lost, confused and unsure of how my career will plan out. In all honesty, till this date I still don’t have a firm plan. However, I am content with how far I’ve come.

I do wish all the success to each and every student I met last night. Some I will stay in contact to give them further insight, some I’m sure will cross path again where ever that may be.

Mentoring and coaching is needed for many as we can become very confused and lost during times like this. The world is so big, we’re living in this huge social bubble. If there’s no sense of direction, we’ll only remain at a standstill. So, if my time and advice can help someone in the long run I am more than happy to give that up and return to it to the future. 


Growing up I was not a fan of matcha, whenever food had matcha in I would steer away as I simply didn’t like the taste. I was resentful and not willing to try it again as I judged it based on my experience of the taste from that one time. 

As time goes on, I’ve become a true lover of matcha. Whenever I hear places that sells matcha I would be one of the first to try. Additionally the same goes for coffee, dark chocolate, white wine and oysters. 

Can we call this age? I don’t want to believe it is, instead I’m seeing it as…


I see it as we come to appreciate the bittersweet taste. It’s not the short moments that count, but the process of the different tastes that develop throughout. 

Who you are today may not be who you were two years ago, don’t judge a book by it’s cover as time changes a lot.