The seventh second 


– 第七秒, 前度

Hand in hand

I was on my way to the gym after work today and just as I was about the cross the road the traffic light changed to red. I looked down into the road to notice an elderly couple still crossing the road.

From there on I just stared at the couple, the man had a walking stick and the woman was holding onto him tightly. As they got to the other side they still held onto each other and patiently waited for the next crossing to change to green.

From behind the couple looked very happy, from behind the couple looked like they were still very much in love. It was a very sweet moment to witness, it was a moment that many wish for in their relationships to reach. However, it also made me intrigued to know what sort of hardships they might’ve gone through, the struggles, the stories they ought to tell their children, grandchildren and relatives.

Walking with someone isn’t hard – we cross the road with many people on a day to day basis, so the idea of walking isn’t the problem. But it is who will actually wait with you on the other side? And who will clench onto your hands throughout the crossing?

To the couple I saw earlier, I’m sure you have given many people positive feelings and not just me :).

Finding inspiration

Every so often I have mind blocks and struggle to find inspiration in maintaining motivation. Especially during moments when you’ve tried but life seems to kick you back into place, into square one.

I guess this is temporary and these moments will pass away.

In the interim, the best approach is to keep busy, to find that inner fire once again – be the flame burning light and almost going off, if it once shone bright it ought to shine like no other again.