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千ひろ 割烹 Chihiro

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Chihiro Japanese restaurant, Kyoto Japan

For the Easter holidays I spent 10 days in Japan. Initially the plan was to go to Hong Kong first, but then plans changed and instead I spent a few days in Nara, followed by Kyoto and then Osaka. I must admit, this trip was probably my most relaxed trip to Asia. I did my planning but I wasn’t too fussed about what I did. Of course I had a few places I wanted to go, but I had the mind-set of, if I didn’t know about this place before doing my research, why would’ve I suddenly wanted to go after it… of course it is due to the research, but the question is, do I really need to go? Will I actually have regrets not going?

I’m much preferring these spontaneous moments when you come across places and restaurants. Hence now I am going to talk about Chihiro. Chihiro is a Japanese restaurant located in Kyoto, on the edges of Gion – the well known ‘old town’ part of Kyoto. We didn’t do much major research into food, so to had come across Chihiro – we were absolutely blessed!

There was a day in Kyoto – if i recall rightly it was Monday 17 April where Kyoto saw tremendous rain for the whole day, to the point where even the bridge between Kansai airport and Osaka got closed at night! That day, we were absolutely soaked so we really wanted to have some good food and chill for a bit.

Just as we were about to head to Gion we saw the queues for Chihiro. I have the thought of where ever there are queues then there is good food. We joined the queue and got some seats inside the restaurant, ordered some food and believe me – we were not disappointed! I cannot forget how the scallops just melted in my mouth, how the salmon was so soft and fresh, as well how the eel was so easy to bite into, how the abolone was nice and crunchy and the prawns were succulent and juicy.

We were beyond impressed and satisfied.

What was also a good thing about this restaurant was they offered an english menu via the iPad. In Japan, there are some language barriers so whenever there is english, it makes the life of a tourist much more pleasurable. Yet at the same time, we appreciated that what was on the Japanese menu, was exactly on the english one. As I’ve noticed in a few places the local menu differs from the ‘tourist’ menu – it is a shame, but I guess in order to eat really authentic food you must speak the language.

A very pleasurable and enjoyable experience at Chihiro and I would highly recommend visiting if in Kyoto.

The Year of: Travel 

2016 was definitely a year of change, a year of experiences and a year of travel.

I started the year by going to Hong Kong, China and Macau. Mid-year I went to Tenerife for some sun. In October I made a trip to Oregon in America for a business trip. To wrap up I finished the year with a weekend in Lisbon. 

I have learnt a lot this year, but I know there is still more for me to learn and more for me to explore in this world. 

More for me to make mistakes from and most importantly more for me to live and embrace. 

Welcome 2017!